Resep Masakan Jendela Ibu

by: @ aras_galeri⁣

1/2 kg of old jengkol⁣
Salt, sugar, mushroom broth⁣

Smooth grind balado seasoning⁣
70 gr red curly chilies⁣
50 gr red bird’s eye chilies⁣
* the number of chilies can be added / not according to taste⁣
3 cloves of kating⁣ garlic

– Soak the jengkol overnight, remove the soaking water, clean it from the skin⁣
– Slice the jengkol thinly like photo slide 2, I slice it manually using a knife, then wash it until the sap is gone, can be washed 3-4 times, drain then coat the jengkol with salt to taste⁣
– Fry the jengkol in hot oil, stir it occasionally so it doesn’t stick together, then lower the heat, fry until it’s crispy
✓sy fried 2x so it’s really crunchy, if you make a little to eat right away, just fry it 1x
– Saute the balado spices until fragrant and completely cooked, season the salt, mushroom broth and a little sugar (optional) ⁣
WAIT FOR THE COLD BALADO FRUIT, then mix it with the crispy jengkol⁣
– Store in an airtight jar⁣

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