Mango Sago Dessert

Resep Masakan Jendela Ibu

Mango Sago Dessert
by @fridajoincoffee

2 mangoes (1 for smoothie, 1 for topping)
1 can of evaporated milk (380gr)
100 gr thick sweet

Pearl Sago Material:
125 gr pearl sago
750ml of water for cooking
750 ml of ice water for soaking

Ingredients for Mango Jelly:
1 pack of mango nutrijel
700ml of water
100 gr sugar (can be added according to taste)

How to make:
1. Cook Sago Mutiara: Boil 500ml of water until it boils. Add the pearl sago. Cook over low heat until cooked (the sign of the white dot in the middle is missing). Do not keep stirring it, because it can crumble.
2. After the sago is cooked, drain immediately and soak in ice water until the sago is cold. Then drain.
3. Cook Mango Jelly: mix nutrijel with water, mix well. Then boil over low heat until cooked. Add sugar. After boiling again, add the citrus. Immediately stir and turn off the heat. Print into a wide pan. Cool until set. Then cut into squares.
4. Prepare a basin, put sago pearl, mango jelly, add evaporated milk and sweetened condensed, stir well.
5. Puree 1 mango. And the remaining 1 mango is cut into cubes for topping.
6. Prepare 10 cups, size 300 ml. Pour in 1 ladle of mango smoothie. Then pour the mixture of sago jelly and milk. Top with mango. Chill.
7. Serve cold. Recipe for 10 cups 300ml. .. ..
1. Sago Mutiara if you want to soak it before boiling, soak it not too long because it can crumble.
2. Boil pearl sago, do not stir too often because it will also crumble.
3. Immediately drain the ripe pearl sago and soak in ice water to stop the heating process, so it’s not soft.
4. Recipe to suit your taste …

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