Simple Cireng Rice

Resep Masakan Jendela Ibu

Simple Cireng Rice
By @ dianfaizin17
200 gr leftover rice (Good rice also gpp)
50-70 ml of water according to the condition of the rice
2 garlic cloves puree
Sufficiently salt, pepper and flavorings
5 tablespoons full of starch / tapioca
The oil for frying
My complement is soy sauce
1. Combine the rice with water and garlic .. Stir well, press 2. Put in the salt and pepper, mix the flavor well ..
2. Put in the starch, stir or knead until everything is well blended .. If the dough is still difficult to knead, can add a little more water .. The dough is sticky but can still be shaped by hand .. 3. Mix hands with flour .. Take enough dough flat round shape .. Do it until the dough runs out ..
4. Heat the oil .. Fry the cireng until cooked .. Serve with chili sauce ..

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