Shredded floss roll

Shredded floss roll
(Shredded rolls)
By @ raeshaars3008

Material :
– 3 pieces of white bread (without skin)
– shredded (according to taste)
– a little margarine / oil

– 1 egg
– 2 pieces of green onion + 2 pieces of cayenne pepper (thinly sliced)
– pinch of salt (optional)

Smear material:
– 1 tablespoon thick sweet
– 3 tablespoons mayonnaise

How to make :
– flatten the bread by grinding it with a rolling pin / press using a spoon
– grease the bread with the spread material, sprinkle with the shredded, then roll and dip into the dye, set aside
– Heat a little margarine, toast the bread, back and forth so that the egg mixture is cooked, remove from heat
– cut the bread into 2 parts / according to taste, then spread / dip the ends of the bread into the remaining spread, and sprinkle with the shredded to taste
– Serve
* note:
– For curly chilies, you can skip or discard the seeds (for children)
– Cook over low heat, so it won’t burn easily

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