Banana soak⁣

Banana soak⁣
Material: ⁣
3 bananas ⁣
1 tbsp raisins⁣

Fla: ⁣
30 gr sweetened condensed milk⁣
150 grams of liquid milk⁣
1 tsp custard flour⁣
3 tsp ga sand ga
½ tbsp butter⁣
A teaspoon of salt⁣
All mixed, boiled until it explodes

Cut the banana into 2 parts, burn on Teflon that has been smeared with margarine until brown on both sides⁣
Arrange on a plate, pour Fla⁣
Sprinkle with raisins⁣
Delicious served warm or cold⁣

Those who like cheese can add it to the Fla or grated it as a topping⁣

Good luck 👌⁣
================== ⁣

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