Steamed Bakpia

Resep Masakan Jendela Ibu

Steamed Bakpia
by @fridajoincoffee

4 eggs
100 gr sugar
½ tsp SP (cake emulsifier)
55 gr flour
10 grams of powdered milk
½ teaspoon baking powder
100 gr butter, melted
Dark yellow dye
100 gr chocolate jam ..
Small silicone cup …
How to make:
1. Beat with a mixer: eggs, sugar and sp until thickened.
2. Enter the flour, powdered milk and baking powder. Stir back with a spatula.
3. Add melted butter. Stir back until blended and there are no butter deposits underneath. Oh yes, put 5 drops or enough dark yellow dye so that the color is beautiful. Stir well.
4. Pour into the mold cup that has been greased with margarine, just half the height of the mold, about 1 tbsp.
5. Steam into a heated steamer. Steam for 10 minutes.
6. Then give the chocolate jam filling in the middle, then pour the dough again over it until the mold is full.
7. Steam again for 20 minutes to cook.
8. Remove steamed bakpia, remove from mold.
9. Recipe for 20 steamed bakpia.

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