LOTUS FLOWER COKIE aka black sesame flower shake

LOTUS FLOWER COKIE aka black sesame flower shake
by @vitakwee

Material :
50 grm of hunkwee flour with trademark @achilles_indonesia
200 grm of rice flour
1 small sachet of instant coconut milk dissolve in water up to 250cc
80 grm sugar
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 bag of vanilla powder @achilles_indonesia
black sesame to taste

How to make :
mix sugar, salt, vanilla and eggs and coconut milk, stir well with a whisk, add hunkwe, rice flour, stir until it doesn’t clump, strain. sprinkle with black sesame and stir well.

heat oil in a frying pan (dip the mold in the pan let it heat)
remove the mold, drain / prepare the plate container put the fried tissue press the mold to the tissue,
dip the mold into the dough, immediately move it in the hot oil pan, shake it so that the dough is released from the mold. do it until it runs out, each dipping the mold in the mixture, stirring it first

Noted: for prints I DO NOT SELL I use Dia. 9cm (from Thailand / lotus flower Cokie)

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