Bolu Pandan

Bolu Pandan
(No mixer, No oven & measuring spoon)
By @ raeshaars3008

Material :
– 2 btr eggs
– 4 tbsp sugar
– 1/4 tbsp emulsifier (sy pk SP)
– a little vanilla powder & salt (optional)
– 5 tablespoons of flour
– 6 tbsp cooking oil
– green dye / pandan paste

Brush: buttercream (jam can also)
Topping: grated cheese

How to make :
– mix eggs, sugar, a pinch of salt (optional), emulisifier (SP) and vanilla powder, beat until creamy (thick white)
– Add flour a little at a time, mix well, add cooking oil, then green coloring / pandan paste
– Prepare a baking sheet that has been covered with parchment paper / can also be smeared with margarine, put in the dough, stomp
– Heat the steamer pan, steam the dough for 20 minutes, after sufficient time, test for doneness (stick with a fork, if the dough does not stick it is a sign of cooking)
– Remove, remove the parchment paper, let it cool slightly then spread with butter cream / jam
– for the dough according to taste, I cut it into 4 parts (4 layers), sprinkle with grated cheese

* note:
– Better cut into 2/3 parts (layer), if 4 layers are too high
– If the buttercream spreads, wait for the dough to cool first
– uk 20x 20cm baking sheet
– You can also make rolls of sponge, don’t cut it, roll it directly

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