By: @ elliyeyin⁣
Material: ⁣
-100grm all purpose flour⁣
-90grm of sugar / according to taste⁣
-2btr eggs⁣
-1sdt SP⁣
-1 / 2sdt baking powder⁣
-1 / 2sdt vanilli⁣
-1sachet of coconut milk @ 65 ml⁣
-50ml of oil⁣
-1 / 2sdt salt⁣
-1sdt pandanus paste⁣

Step: ⁣
1. heat the steamer⁣
2. Sift flour, baking powder and salt (Dry Material) ⁣
3. Mix sugar, eggs, vanilla and SP on high speed until thickened for a while
4. Put the dry ingredients and coconut milk alternately. mixer at low speed only. add pandan paste. stir until well blended⁣
5.Thirkir the oil input, stir again using a spatula until smooth / no pliers settle to the bottom.
6. Pour the mixture into the pan, then steam for 35 minutes / until cooked⁣

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