By @andinskitchen .⁣

Stuffing material: ⁣
200 gr ground beef⁣
150 gr peeled potatoes * cut into small cubes⁣
100 ml of water⁣
100 ml instant coconut milk⁣
4 garlic cloves * chopped⁣
8 red onions * chopped⁣
2 bay leaves⁣
2 pieces of lime leaves⁣
1 tsp chili powder⁣
2 tsp garam masala garam
To taste salt⁣
Sufficiently powdered broth⁣
Sufficient margarine for sauteing⁣
Leather material: ⁣
750 ml of medium thick coconut milk⁣
4 eggs⁣
300 gr triangular flour⁣
1 tbsp sugar⁣
1 tsp salt⁣
Sufficiently powdered broth⁣
Upholstery: ⁣
2 eggs * beaten well⁣
Step: ⁣
📌 filling: saute onion, garlic, salam and lime leaves until fragrant. Enter the meat and stir until it changes color. Add water, coconut milk, chili powder, and garam masala, stir and bring to a boil, add the potatoes. Add salt and powder broth. Cook until the water recedes. Taste correction. Done
📌 skin: Mix together the skin ingredients, beat until not lumpy. Heat the non-stick pan with a little oil then wipe with a tissue. Make a thin omelette until the dough runs out. .⁣
📌 completion: Put the filling on the omelette, roll tightly. Put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then heat the full oil. Dip the sausages in the coating. Immediately fry briefly until the eggs are a little brown, serve

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