Cilok / Meatball Aci

Cilok / Meatball Aci
@Ummikoki recipe

Material :
🍑150 grams of tapioca
🍑150 grams of all purpose flour
🍑1 leek, sliced
🍑3 crushed garlic cloves
🍑1 / 2 pack of Chicken Royco
🍑2sdt salt average
🍑 Sufficient hot water

🍑15 pieces of chicken feet, wash
🍑2-2.5 liters of water
🍑Salt 🍑Merica
🍑 Flavoring 🍑 Mix all dry ingredients, while stirring, pour a little water. Knead until mixed well. (The dough is not too soft / hard.
🍑 Round the dough according to taste / fill to the tofu.
🍑 Boil until cooked and float.
🍑 Lift, drain. 🍑 Bring the water to a boil.
🍑 Put the claws, cook until tender.
🍑 Put the seasonings.
🍑 Taste correction.
🍑 Serve the Aci meatballs with

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