Resep Masakan Jendela Ibu

by @novita ._. sari

– 2 pieces of rib eye steak
– 1 carrot, diced
– 5 pieces of beans, cut
– 1 sweet corn, comb
– 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
– pinch of salt
– 2 tablespoons BBQ sauce
– 2 tablespoons margarine
– 200 grams of potatoes, steam, puree
– 75 grams of cheese, grated
How to make
– Puncture meat with a fork, then coat the meat with black pepper, salt and BBQ sauce evenly, let stand overnight in the refrigerator.
– Boil carrots and corn until half cooked, then enter the boiled beans until cooked, set aside.
– Mix the mashed potatoes with cheese, stir until evenly distributed. Set aside
– Heat the Teflon with margarine and roast each side “5 minutes, or depending on the maturity of each”. Lift serve with mashed potatoes, and mix veggie. .

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