By @ rahmi_mol⁣

Material: ⁣
– 1/2 kg of beef (I use the annoyed part) ⁣
– lime⁣
– salt⁣
– water to boil meat⁣

Pecak Sambal
Material :
Many cayenne peppers (to taste) are ground with shallots, added with sugar, salt, tomato chunks and doused with hot oil containing fried onions.

How to cook: ⁣
– wash meat thoroughly, then boil until tender⁣
– after tender, drain the meat, after a bit cold cut it according to taste⁣
– then cut the meat with the lime and salt, and leave it for about 10 minutes⁣
– then fry in hot oil until brownish

After the chili sauce is finished, arrange the fried meat on a plate, then flush with the chili sauce
Serve with warm rice … 😊⁣

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