Homemade bengbeng

Homemade bengbeng

Recipe by: @ faraleyama⁣⁣

Material: ⁣⁣
-9 fruit wafers
-100gr crispy rice⁣⁣
-dcc compound and greentea chocolate @chefmatechocolate melt with cooking oil⁣⁣
Caramel Wrap Material; ⁣⁣
-200gr granulated sugar⁣⁣
-75ml of hot air⁣⁣
-1 / 2sdt gelantin dissolve a little hot water⁣⁣
heat the sugar in a large skillet, do not stir, let the sugar melt and change color, if it has melted in large quantities, stir quickly then enter some hot water, keep stirring and then pour in to receive fire air, let the nails warm and caramel a little thick⁣⁣
Chocolate Wrap; ⁣⁣
-150gr chocolate coumpoud @chefmatechocolate thinly sliced / greeantea @ chefmatechocolate⁣⁣
– 2sdm of cooking oil⁣⁣
material for melting and can be used⁣⁣
Settlement; ⁣⁣
1. Take the wafer, put it in the caramel solution⁣⁣
2. Roll on crispy rice let crispy rice stick perfectly (can put the refrigerator))
3. Dip into melted chocolate, let it cool, ready to be invited⁣⁣

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