Spicy Dry Seblak Crackers⁣

Resep Masakan Jendela Ibu

Spicy Dry Seblak Crackers⁣

By: @umi_babyraj
Material A⁣
1/2 kg of onion crackers⁣
1 liter of oil or more⁣
B⁣ ingredients
3 cloves thinly sliced garlic bawang
2 knuckles of thin kencur finger
2 pieces of orange leaf⁣
C⁣ Material
Chili powder to taste⁣
Mushroom broth to taste⁣
Bon pepper to taste⁣
Way: ⁣
1. Soak the crackers in cold oil (suhunruang). Let stand 30 minutes
2. Fry with low heat until the crackers feel light and float. Look at the video, open the link on my bio profile ☝️.⁣
3. Fry the ingredients B until dry (not burnt). Then destroy it. See the video, open the link on my profile ☝️⁣
4. While the heat is mixed in the cracker jar with ingredient B (already mashed) and ingredient C. Shake until evenly mixed.⁣
5. Allow a few moments until the crackers cool. Store in an airtight jar. ⁣


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