Resep Masakan Jendela Ibu

By @ aniktriwina⁣

Results 8 mini pizza⁣

Dough Material: ⁣
200 grams of high protein flour⁣
30 gr gulpas⁣
2 grams of salt⁣
6 grams of instant yeast ⁣
120 ml of ice water⁣
20 ml of cooking oil⁣

Topping: ⁣
Can be adjusted to each taste
Red, green and yellow bell peppers⁣
Canned tuna mixed with mayonnaise⁣
Regular tomato sauce / pizza sauce⁣
Mozarella cheese
Black Pepper⁣

Way: ⁣
Mix flour, yeast and sugar, stir well.⁣
Add the half-boiled water, just use your hands first, then add salt and oil, mixer until smooth

Round the dough, and let stand until it expands 2x
Then deflate the mixture for 8 m
Thinly roll the dough in a round shape, add sauce and toppings⁣

Oven with a temperature of 180 ° flame over under the kurleb 17 minutes until cooked adjust the respective oven “⁣

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  1. It is cute
    I think kids would enjoy it
    Anyway, nice recipe 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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